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The past two years have been weird for everyone. Some people lost their jobs, businesses were closed, conflicts emerged. And even today, the system of business as we know it remains at a crossroad. No one needs competitors in a time where rebuilding society is the main objective – we need collaborators, strong partners, entrepreneurs with a growth mind-set to be the ray of sunshine that business and culture nowadays need. And that’s where we come in. Are you a start up seeking to improve your audio-visual branding and social media presence through video, animation or photography? Or are you a seasoned entrepreneur looking for something new? Maybe you have a product that the world deserves to see, but you don’t have the resources or knowledge how to market it? Кадъръ Медия (or simply K Media in English) is a young production company which collaborates with companies to develop their audio-visual branding through beautifully cinematic, but also meaningful digital content. We collaborate with you. We celebrate your success. We are there to lend you a hand whenever you need it. You need product advertising? We’ll do our best to ensure that your product video looks amazing and we won’t stop improving until you are more than satisfied with the result. You need video testimonials, interviews? We’ve got you covered. Event videos, festivals, corporate videos? Event photography? We are there for every occasion, and we are there to make it special. Our goal is to give you the best collaborative experience, where you yourself are the Director. Our team consists of 6 young professionals from different backgrounds, who share one thing in common: we are always ready to go the extra mile. We want you to succeed and we’ll do everything in our hands to create an inspirational, fulfilling ecosystem of happy entrepreneurs ready to tackle the next challenge.



At K Media, we don't fear competition. We believe that unity makes creatives stronger, and so we strive to create a blooming network of creative entrepreneurs, filmmakers, musicians and artists of all sorts. Through our partnerships, we have managed to secure connections all across the country, lending a hand to international communities and businesses across the globe as well. The goals of our planet can only be achieved through partnership and communication, and so must actively and efficiently work to better our communities, day by day, month by month, year by year. As independent video producers, our target is to work towards a brighter, more abundant future for creatives in all areas, where everyone feels safe to pursue their endeavours in the artistic space we call our home. As our project manager likes to say - "Wealth and abundance does indeed grow on trees, we just need to reach out and grab it."


At K Media, we actively work on building our community every day. Partnering with artistic residencies, creative art spaces and innovative entrepreneurs, we document the journey of Bulgaria's blossoming entrepreneurial ecosystem on a daily basis. Audience enriching feature films, short films, documentaries are all goals that K Media has set to accomplish by the year of 2023. Despite the difficult times we live in, we will always strive to organise events, workshops, festivals and meetings for every person's taste. When it comes to supporting businesses, we're there to create high quality event videos, product commercials, photography and 3D animation. We are here for you, at the exact time, at the exact place where you need us. And if you happen to see us around sometime, join us on our path to becoming a leading catalyst for the cultural network of Bulgaria. So what have we done for our business clients so far?



Elizabeth Shown
Project Manager TONI LYUBENOVA - "TOTO"

A young film producer in charge of funding, finance, on set production, strategy and organisation of the working process. At a young age, Toto dived deep into all sorts of arts - literature, theatre, film, photography and music.

Elizabeth Shown
Creative director DESISLAVA TODOROVA

Professional engineer turned photographer with multiple exhibitions across the country, cinematographer of cooking web series "Mum's culinary wonders". Editor and cinematographer..

Elizabeth Shown

Film Director graduated from New Bulgarian University, with a rich background as a director and production coordinator. Editor and Producer at Bloomberg TV.

Elizabeth Shown
Motion Designer and Animator KOLDO DE LAS HERAS ARTEAGA

3D artist, VFX artist and motion designer. Graduated from IFPS Tartanga, Spain. Worked for FM Corp, currently motion designer at MP Studio.

Elizabeth Shown
Designer Hristina Hristova

Graphic designer, illustrator and a cheerful optimist with experience in variety of projects, including merchandise design, music album covers and events.

Elizabeth Shown
Producer, Director, Actor Yonko Dimitrov

Graduated in the acting class of NATFA in 2012. Studied Directing and Production in London's Rain Dance Film Academy. Creator of documentary theatre studio "VOX POPULI" and festival of the arts Dolna Malina Open Fest.

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